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"I've just finished reading for the second time "Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap" by Jake. A very pleasant reading, a wise view on growing in business and personal life. Personally I am quite good at getting rid of toxic relationships at work but I had not realized how much "material things" were clogging up my life... until I read Jake's book. I'm ready now to start cutting the material crap. Thank you Jake!"

Ivette Javet:

Quantitative Research Consultant

"I’ve just finished reading ‘Cut The Crap’ by Jake Melton. What a fantastic, straight talking, no holds barred, honest read. I loved that it was short, punchy and to the point. 
This book ‘cut out all the crap’ reinforces the importance of how much more you can grow if you ‘cut the crap’ out of everything in your life that doesn’t serve you. It’s so simple, yet we over complicate it. 

I would recommend this quick, yet impactful read to anyone. It’s definitely going to be my ‘go to handbook’ when I need a gentle reminder to ‘CUT THE CRAP’ "

Jill Ritchie:

Scottish Life Success Coach

"I wanted to recommend Jake's book: Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness. The author shares some wonderful ideas to cut the crap out of your life. Jake gives great tips to maximize your effectiveness in your family, relationships, at home, and at work. The ideas will stimulate your thinking to take action on ways to simplify your life. Quick and easy read! Pick up a copy and read it today!"

Coach Jim Johnson:

Motivational Speaker, Author, Autism Advocate

“Jake Melton has a powerful message that everyone needs to hear. In his book “Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap”, Jake cuts through all the ‘noise’ that surrounds us and gets right to the core of what really matters. Jake communicates from the heart in a way that truly resonates, taking us on a journey of how to simplify and refocus holistically - mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. In doing so we can connect back to our values, find a sense of purpose and live a life full of joy and gratitude.”

Roseanna Saluni:

Organizational Dev,

Human Potential Coach 

"I so highly recommend Jake's book Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness "Cut The Crap"
It was a very easy read which I loved. But it also really made me think. I thought organizing was important, well it is much more that that. Jake talks about cutting the crap out of every aspect of life. Something I had never thought of. He talk about how when people come over you take all your crap and throw it in a closet and them when they leave you put the crap right back and don't get rid of it. I know i can't be the only one guilty of that!"

Caren Cooper:

Wellness Consultant and Influencer

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