I remember just 6 months ago wondering how I could ever build a LinkedIn following. I wanted to build a name for myself, build a tribe, & grow some online presence.


👉This is about building your brand, reputation, trust, & presence on LinkedIn. Not about sales conversions, lead generation, or sales.


I was getting <100 views/post and hardly any engagement. I felt overwhelmed. I knew I had to get OUT there and grow a following if I ever wanted my speaking and coaching business to get recognized. I took a journey, asked advice, spent time with those who did well and watched what they did. Then, I started creating! I showed up! I grew 20k followers and broke a mil views in <6 months.


My videos went from getting less than 100 views to consistently getting 10-20k+ views. I finally broke 100k views on a recent post. I only share that because I'm just a regular guy. I didn't know much about how to market or build on LinkedIn. I tried and failed many times. I took risks.


But, I figured it out and want to make it available to you. I want you to succeed as you build your presence, brand, and reputation on LinkedIn. 

How I Grew a 20k LinkedIn Following in Under 6 Months (+ 1 million total views)

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