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If you feel overwhelmed, pulled at from multiple angles, surrounded by negativity, or have a hard time finding happiness, then "Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap" will be your beacon.


As the beginning to a life-altering and business-changing series "Minimalize Your Business and Minimalize Your Life," this book provides you ways to alter your life and business by finding added happiness through applying principles of minimalism.


Learn how to attain more purpose, success and time in your life by getting rid of toxic relationships and mental clutter, and things that keep you from finding peace and joy in your life. Learn how to "cut the crap" and live a life that propels you forward. Minimalism isn't an overnight decision, it is a journey that takes time to achieve. The same goes with happiness.


Cut the crap from your life that is holding you back, whether it's relationships, possessions, processes, attitudes, or thoughts. Cutting the crap is a positive movement that empowers you to rid the negative and embrace the positive in your life, home, business, workplace, and own mind.


Whether you are simply looking to find peace in a demanding world or you are growing a business, these ideas and principles will help you achieve added happiness and clarity in your life.

Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: "Cut the Crap (Signed Copy)

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