Stop Being So Selfish and Shine Your Light!

April 17, 2018


Frank always wanted to be a high school history teacher when he grew up. He loved history—world history, U.S. history, you name it! As Frank graduated high school and began his path towards becoming a history teacher, he started hearing people tell him that his career path wasn’t going to bring him any success. He thought, “I will get to share my knowledge and passion and help the youth better understand where they came from and why the world is the way it is today.” He kept being told that his career path wasn’t going to bring in enough income. He thought, “If I do what I love and I feel like it’s the right path for me, then what’s wrong with not being rich?”


Frank later pursued higher education and he began his teaching career. Frank taught high school history for 20 years. He lived a normal life (as outsiders would state). He didn’t live luxuriously and didn’t get to enjoy frequent vacations, a large home, or often drive fancy cars , but you know what? To Frank, that wasn’t what mattered. He later took a professor role at a major university once he left the high school scene and was able to publish books, speak, and reach thousands of students.


Soon after becoming a professor, Frank received an email from a student long ago.


The email said:


“If there are times when you think your teaching hasn't mattered much, I want you to know that when you were my teacher, you said one thing that lasted with me my entire life. It got me out of a lot of trouble and allowed me to create my own successful business. Do you remember what you said?”


“If you hold back your talents and abilities, you are stealing from others. If you hide your light, others can’t be inspired to improve their lives by the light you shine. Share what you have. Don’t let fear or resistance stop you from giving your gift to others.”


This student went on to explain his story and how this quote empowered him.


By emulating his passion, abilities, and dreams, Frank was able to help one student improve his life and taught him to share his skills. The company that this student created was a non-profit and it blessed the lives of over 500 people and counting.


By helping one student, frank blessed 500 others and perhaps even more. Now, that is only one story from one student. Who knows the others he blessed by sharing this simple truth.


If you hide your abilities, you hold back your dreams, you are taking away the opportunities from others to improve their lives.


Though this story is made up (it’s pretty good though, huh?), there are TRUE stories like this that happen all the time! Really!


I speak on this concept of empowering others and doing so by going after what it is you long for. It doesn’t just bless you, it blesses so many others. My keynote speeches bless and inspire others to move forward on their path, share their ideas, grow, and influence others.



I’m blessed. I’m grateful. I’m passionate about helping others succeed.



What will you do today to share your gifts with others? What can you do with your gifts to EMPOWER others?