Is Your Toilet Dirty?

April 27, 2018



Ever find yourself going too long without cleaning the toilet? Life gets busy (we all know that) and we find ourselves "going," on the toilet, but we don't quite clean the bowl or outside as often as we should—especially with the germs that infest the area. But why? Why don't we clean it though we completely understand that germs are present and that it should be cleaned often regardless?

Think about your organization. Look at specific teams you find are having conflicts. Look at sales, retention, training, business dev, IT, etc. Are you too busy "going" (or focusing on other parts of the organization) that you forget germs spread and can be dirtying your entire business?

The top of the toilet

 This is the easiest place to notice dust, dirt, or whatever more disgusting stuff may be on top. At the top of your organization, you are hopefully aware and recognize where you are lacking and when you need to clean up your act. You can walk into the bathroom (office) and see from first glance that you have some things you need to address immediately—could be a stench and need some quick spraying. Sometimes it's managers telling you about circumstances their teams are facing, perhaps it's financial, it could just be an matter of poor leadership, or maybe you recognize you have leaders in the wrong places.

The inside of the toilet

 If you aren't paying attention to the inside of your toilet, then you have some changing to do. It's easy to open the lid, look briefly—like within a literal second—and move along. But, that's where most of the germs live. You need to open the lid, look around all the crevices, and deep clean.

  • Are you noticing that your retention rate is high?

  • Are your employees disconnected from the company's mission or goals?

  • Do you notice a need to improve customer service?

  • Maybe it's a simple matter of helping management or executives become more emotionally intelligent?

Take a looksy and find out if you need to use some strong cleaner (speakers, trainings, workshops, etc.), maybe use a powerful scrubber or brush (become more emotionally intelligent, increase awareness, etc.), or maybe you need to just do a quick wipe (review your mission statement, connect better with those who work for you, or have a company gathering).

The outside of the bowl and the floor

This is the hardest place to notice whether it's dirty or not. It's low to the ground, we don't really look behind or underneath, and that takes added effort and getting on our knees to deep clean.

It's probably the most crucial to clean because of the germs that hang around the outside of the bowl or underneath. They can spread along the floor, around your bath rugs, near your showers or baths. Those germs stick to your socks or shoes and spread around your home. Disgusting, but hear me out!

What underlying issues might you be facing that aren't obvious to plain sight? Maybe these factors aren't demonstrated or proven by analytics or data.

  • Is there a large gap between the various generations working on each team? Do you have very age-diverse employees that could be facing the battle of the generations?

  • Are there mixed generational leaders that can't connect and need some training?

  • Are you finding many come to your organization and find it's not the "right fit?"

  • Is your on-boarding process effictive and detailed?

  • Do you properly vet potential candidates during the interviewing process?

Germs are gross, that's the point I'm trying to flush around here. If you aren't cleaning your toilet as often as you should be, then you may want to hire a custodian (speaker, trainer, facilitator, consultant, coach, etc). If you feel you are capable of cleaning it yourself, then buy a better cleaner, some cleaning tools, and make sure you do it on a consistent basis.

I'm not saying your organization is "crappy," but it likely just needs some TLC and frequent cleaning.

Do you need to clean your toilet today?