"Jake is an inspiring and energetic speaker, and provides thought provoking insights to help people take specific actions to become more successful!"

Derek Crews 

President of the Society for Human Resource Management North Texas (NTSHRM)

"His expertise not only targets those who are seasoned and successful, but also those who may be aspiring and struggling. He gives "real talk" about being able to still become successful when the bottom falls out of your pockets and you find yourself unexpectedly scraping the ground for two pennies to rub together. What is even more incredible is that he follows that talk with actionable steps! I highly recommend him!"

Cynthia Fleming

Director CCLaisez Faire Commerical Financing



Achieve greater success and happiness in your life by ridding the things  which hold you back. Learn the philosophy of minimalism and how it applies to workplace wellness and personal and professional development. Clear the mental, physical, and emotional clutter in your life.

Attendees will learn:


  • How to evaluate things in their lives and businesses that keep them from producing, performing, and achieving as they'd like.

  • The essentials of minimalism and how the philosophy of minimalism can help one uplevel their career, their business, and personal development.

  • How minimalism and "cutting the crap" can help one overcome mental health struggles, burnout, and stress. 

  • How to eliminate those things that keep them from added happiness and success.


Ideal for events: with themes of leadership, wellness, mental health, entrepreneurship, culture/people, human resource management human capital, management, and communications.

Ideal audience: Entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, human resource professionals, CEO's, C-Suite, non-profits, medical professionals.


"I very recently had the opportunity to attend a forum where Jake presented on the five different generations in the workforce and on minimizing and simplicity. I also just finished his book 'Minimalize to Maximize your Happiness (Cut the Crap)'. I consider myself much richer for attending Jake's forum and reading his book. He has a gift for presenting material in a concise and memorable fashion that has already enabled me to grasp and apply some of the principles."
Shannon Blake VP Human Resources
"Most important, Jake is a gifted speaker who can engage the whole room, and a thought leader who regularly invites others into conversations on current topics related to success and significance. I recommend Jake as a speaker and consultant for your business or organization!"
Tom Donaldson Team Leadership and Building Coach
"Jake would be an ideal choice for a multitude of audiences including: general management, team building, talent management, talent acquisition/recruiting, career seekers and overall team building initiatives. Do yourself a favor, if you have not heard Jake speak in regards to today’s employment climate and the necessity of respect and unity… reach out to him TODAY! You won’t be sorry."
Dee Rodriquez HR Manager
"I want to thank Jake for the job he did and the impact he's had on our employees. Before his presentation even ended, I received a text message from an employee saying how much they appreciated what a great job Jake did and how grateful they were that other employees would take his message to heart and make changes in their lives based on Jake's presentation. Thank you Jake!."
Patrick Hillis HR Director of North Richland Hills, TX
"Jake is an inspiring and energetic speaker, and provides thought provoking insights to help people take specific actions to become more successful!"
Derek Crews President of NTSHRM
"His message about the need for adaptability in today's workforce really resonated with me and the audience. He encourages understanding and listening instead of a climate of conflict and judgement. I'd highly recommend his presentation to organizations that want to build a culture of respect & understanding."
Fanny Dunagan CEO of Pathlynks
"Jake's knowledge and real-life experiences from facing mental health challenges, dealing with disorganized organizations, and leading large-scale change initiatives with CEO's and executives have allowed him to help people, families, and businesses simplify, become more productive, and improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and create an overall growth culture."
James Schwartz CEO MD WealthWave
"I had the pleasure of meeting Jake and watching him present at an amazing networking event this past week. His story is inspirational and he was fun and engaging during his presentation on the Magic of LinkedIn. I am looking forward to reading his book and watching him speak at future events. I would highly recommend him for your speaking needs."
Marisol Guerra HR Director
"Jake is a captivating speaker with high energy and engaging personality. I was drawn into the discussion and he encourages people to participate so that it is very interactive in the delivery without losing the message, it actually enhances the message. I highly encourage you to go and listen to him at any point and also book him for your speaking needs."
Craig Broussard Executive IT Director
"A linked-in informative powerhouse. He makes marketing yourself or your business on the platform simple and that’s key! Excellent presentation this week- hope we can connect in person in the future. Until then, keep up the excellence."
Ronak Kothari Owner at Ronak Design, LLC
"Not only is Jake dynamic in public speaking, he is very talented at innovative communication and new ideas identifying areas of need to serve, along with a compassionate concern for people. His skills in public and corporate engagement, organizational management and the workings of “find your passion” are among his many strengths, his highly relevant contributions and his continuing success!”
Dana Young Leadership Speaker
Jake's keynotes and workshops are tailored to you and your needs.
Talk with Jake to see what material would work best with your needs.
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