The Minimalist Desk


Want to increase your teams' productivity? Feel like your desk is a complete mess?

Look, if we aren't working in a clutter-free working space, our performance is going to suffer. We are going to struggle with distractions, overwhelm, and we won't be nearly as effective.


So, let's help you "minimalize" your desk and start feeling better about the space you are working in.


We help you organize your organization. 

Your employees should be working in a clutter-free zone. The more organized and clean their working space is, the more organized and clean their mental space will be as well. 

We work with teams, individuals, and entire organizations to get your working space looking good. 


Working in an organized, distraction-free, clean working space will have a significant impact on your teams' performance, productivity, and mental well-being.


about the program

  • Collective 3-hour training for all employees, managers, etc.

  • Full "audits" on current working spaces.

  • Up to 1, 5-minute session of 1:1 decluttering with each employee.

  • Discounted #Cut the Crap workbook available for all participants.

  • Discounted 1:1 coaching/group coaching for participants.

  • Prizes.

  • Contests.

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